1. Was messing around with a Trade with a twitter pal, and ended up working on a new character because of reasons. I’ll likely use her for Sara’s Story. Rebecca. Done completely in Manga studio.

  2. An Enna for nargyle. Happy Birthday.

  3. I’ve been trying to get my sense of dimensionality, and improve my lines by painting a bit more. Also wanted to paint/draw people of a more diverse background. 

    Done in Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio with Frenden Brushes. 

  4. Work in progress Paint Sketching during hangouts.

  5. did another take on the Midnight tiger piece. 

  6. Did a Birthday art for my pal rayanthonyheight

  7. Kid’s these days don’t know about the manga of inspector Gadget. 

  8. This morning’s warm up.

  9. sketched his daisy for my pal derekhetrickart

  10. Sketching some stuff for warm up.

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