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Working on the samus thing some more. Update!

A bit of gift art for internet pal awdplace.  

Tax-Sale 2014.

It’s that time! As I’d like to recover some funds from paying taxes this year. I’m offering a low rate for B&W and Color Digital Commissions. 

The base rate is full body single character commissions. 

$20 for B&W inked line commissions, + $10 for each additional character. 
$30 for Colored semi-Cel commissions, +$15 for each additional Character

Props and Backgrounds depending on complexity are generally 30-50% of base rate. 

Please e-mail me to reserve your spot, with details, references and your paypal information.  ZacharyTurner (At) Mac dot com.

After I confirm your spot, and payment commission is started not soon after.

I reserve the right to turn down commissions.  Most subjects are welcomed, Tasteful Nudity is welcome, but may come with extra cost.  I generally don’t do violence depending on context.

These are for personal use only.


Another Commission sample for the upcoming commission sale. This time of ligernekoka's Heku.  Not sure if everything's right with this one. So I might edit the post as soon as She gives me the thumbs up. 

Jinn for my pal Alphonso. For my upcoming Tax season commission sale. 

Trying for a more real looking sara.  Ponytail, and updo. 

Was asked for some male pinups examples,  so i whipped up a chris evans-ish gentlemans.

Was watching MiB3, which was okay, and messing around with my TJ&E doodle. and I said screw it, Imma render these.  I used to draw Toe Jam AAAAALL the time when I was a kid. So it’s kind of cool doing this kinda stuff.

Awwwww yeah.

My entry for Robatto’s Chrono trigger Colab. Flea!

Edit (white background instead of transparent)