1. I finished Rei’s stand. Next up Rei her self. Just a preview coming up. Didn’t get as much as I wanted done.

  2. Carmen from Morphkind for saneintolerant

  3. quick wind down sketches

  4. update on this piece.  Adjusted the perspective points on soulkarl's critique. Just the Poster, outside, sara,and foreground fan to finish up.

  5. work in progress of an illustration i’m working on.

  6. A bit more normal sara.

  7. A commission for saneintolerant.   It’s Sharky Kong Country.

  8. update to that Sara piece. Fixed the not co-operating breast, and shoulder. and did a touch more rendering.

  9. Messing with a summery Sara design, Beach clothes. etc.

  10. Unlife Updated! 

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