1. Kid’s these days don’t know about the manga of inspector Gadget. 

  2. This morning’s warm up.

  3. sketched his daisy for my pal derekhetrickart

  4. Sketching some stuff for warm up.

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  5. An april o’neil redesign. based of her more jumpsuit look.   Probably will follow up on this with a more of a piece. inks and colors and the like.

  6. Work in Progress Guys. Been posting updates on twitter more than here.  My dear friend megtroidz asked me to do a piece of art featuring my character sara, and some iced cream.   Iced cream can be uncomfortable.   

  7. I finished Rei’s stand. Next up Rei her self. Just a preview coming up. Didn’t get as much as I wanted done.

  8. Carmen from Morphkind for saneintolerant

  9. quick wind down sketches

  10. update on this piece.  Adjusted the perspective points on soulkarl's critique. Just the Poster, outside, sara,and foreground fan to finish up.