1. zackri:


    Because mashing things together is fun.   I decided to cross Sailor Moon, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.  Specifically I wanted to give the girls Stands, that reflected each of the girl’s Sailor form.

    I call this “Moondust Crusaders”.

    I’m Starting with Makoto (as she is my favorite), depending on response I may do others.


    So this is at 600+ notes. I’ll do Mercury/Ami when It reaches 1000. So, if you want more. Signal Boost. 

    700 Notes, Getting there.

  2. zackri:

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  3. milkdoggie:

    zackri replied to your post “Send me drawing prompts”

    I’d ask for more saras.

    Inktober 21: Ask and you shall receive. UvU  Drew Sara and she is zackri's lovely character.

    I bought this awesome rose pattern sweater a few days ago. I thought it would look nice on Sara too.

    <3 so gooooood Thanks Milk~

  4. Tonight’s #inktober entry 20. James from #unlife. More of my kuretake 40 and copic markers.

  6. Scans dump of my inktober sketch pages with my… 8 year old scanner.. How the hell does it still work? I even had to take it apart to get it to work right.   All from pages of my Tanned Tone Sketchbook 5-19 Inktobery stuff. 

  7. #inktober entry 19. For @wizardofkitty her character Anna.

    Tagged #inktober
  8. #inktober entry 18 Jennifer from #clocktower. Testing out #kuretake no. 40 brush pen.


  9. mysteryskulls:

    still time to get the pre order which comes with the previously unavailable (free & signed) Bandcamp EP on CD. 
    So excited for everyone to finally hear this

    Preordered on iTunes already. Love mystery skulls.

  10. #inktober #nintendo #metroid entry 17. Bit of extra work on this one. Samus in norfair.